Artist's Statement

I go out and make pictures of what I see.
That’s it – that’s my artist’s statement.

Some brief notes on process

For each picture, at some point prior to releasing the shutter, I experienced a sense of recognition. Something outside of me resonated with something that was already inside, and I felt compelled to record it. Later on, in the darkroom or at the computer I set out to solidify the picture into a form that would allow me to recall those initial feelings. 

I rarely caption or title my pictures. They came to me first as nonverbal thoughts; thoughts that are unique to me. If they suggest a thought or a feeling to another, then they’ve succeeded beyond my initial intent to work for me, and that process is going to be unique to each individual that experiences it. I’m not suggesting that there’s deep meaning in all my work – far from it. Some pictures are just funny, or they might spark curiosity. Some are about composition, while in others, content is the predominant element.

The work on this site is divided into collections: groups of pictures that share some common form, or concept, or subject. For the most part, the collections are simply an organizational tool to break the work into smaller, more easily navigated groups. With a few exceptions, I rarely make pictures with specific projects in mind. They’re mostly random observations of scenes that I’ve encountered in my hunting and gathering on the road. And, while I’ve arranged the pictures to suggest relationships that I see between them, I’d prefer that the viewer do his own work to find substance in them and connections between them.